Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Curtain Wall Renovation by WILLSTRONG


In the dynamic field of facade engineering, WILLSTRONG has distinguished itself with its innovative and quality-driven approach. Renowned for our specialization in high-quality facade products, including aluminum composite panels and fire-resistant composites, we proudly present the curtain wall renovation project at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. This project not only reinforces our reputation as a leader in facade solutions but also showcases our commitment to global architectural enhancement.

Design and Material Innovation

The renovation of the iconic Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport involved the strategic placement of WILLSTRONG’s FR5318 Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels across an extensive area of 6,580 square meters. Selected for their superior quality and safety features, these panels are designed to meet the rigorous demands of airport safety and aesthetics.

The FR5318 panels are recognized for their:

Enhanced Fire Resistance: Certified to meet the highest standards of fire safety, crucial for high-traffic areas such as international airports.

Durability: Engineered to withstand the harsh environmental conditions associated with busy airport settings, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance costs.

Aesthetic Flexibility: Offering a sleek, modern look that complements the architectural ethos of Charles de Gaulle Airport, enhancing both its interior and exterior visual appeal.

Challenges and Solutions

Implementing a project of this magnitude, particularly in an operational international airport, presented several challenges, including maintaining airport security and minimizing disruptions to daily operations. WILLSTRONG addressed these challenges by implementing a phased installation process, which allowed continuous airport operations and ensured the safety of passengers and workers alike.

Advanced planning and coordination with airport authorities were crucial in executing the project efficiently. The use of pre-fabricated panels sped up the installation process and reduced the need for onsite adjustments, thus minimizing downtime.


The completion of the curtain wall renovation at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport has set a new standard in airport facade design. The use of WILLSTRONG’s FR5318 Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels not only enhanced the structural integrity of the airport’s walls but also contributed significantly to its aesthetic and functional upgrade. The project has been lauded for its innovative use of materials and for improving the overall passenger experience by creating a safer, more visually appealing environment.


WILLSTRONG's successful renovation at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge facade solutions that combine safety, durability, and design excellence. This project is a testament to our capabilities and our dedication to enhancing global landmarks through advanced architectural practices. WILLSTRONG continues to be a pioneer in the facade industry, driven by a passion for craftsmanship and excellence in every project we undertake.