When it comes to ensuring safety in your space, wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights offer a reliable solution. These lights provide both functionality and peace of mind, illuminating your surroundings during unexpected power outages or emergencies. With their dual heads, they offer enhanced coverage and visibility compared to traditional emergency lighting options. 

Key Features Explained

180-Minute Backup Light

When the power goes out, you can rely on the wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights for up to 180 minutes. This extended backup ensures your space remains illuminated during critical situations.

Dual Lamp Heads with Bright LED Lights

The dual lamp heads feature bright LED lights that provide clear visibility in emergencies. With a 3.6V 6000mAh Nickel Cadmium battery, you can trust that your emergency lights will stay powered when needed most.

Flexibility of Adjustable LEDs

Enjoy the flexibility of the dual adjustable LEDs that can swivel up to 340-degrees. This feature allows you to direct the light precisely where it's needed, ensuring optimal coverage and visibility in any situation.


Dual-Head Wall-Mounted Emergency Lights

Detailed Specifications

UL 94V-0 Rating

When selecting wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights, ensure they have a UL 94V-0 rating. This rating guarantees that the light's materials are flame-resistant, crucial for preventing fires in emergency situations.

FCC Certification

Look for emergency lights with FCC certification to meet stringent safety standards. This ensures that the lights comply with regulations, providing you with peace of mind regarding their reliability during emergencies.

Commercial-Grade Design

Opt for emergency lights with a commercial-grade design for durability and optimal performance. These lights are suitable for indoor use in various settings, ensuring they can withstand demanding conditions and provide long-lasting illumination.

Benefits of Using These Lights

Long-lasting Durability

When it comes to led lights, Sunco's wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights boast exceptional longevity. With led light bulbs and led lighting heads, you can rely on these fixtures for extended periods without worrying about frequent replacements.

Superior Brightness

Sunco's bright lights illuminate your space effectively, providing the best lighting in emergency situations. The good brightness ensures clear visibility, enhancing safety in dark or dimly lit areas.

Quality Assurance

Sunco stands out for its commitment to ensuring product quality. Each item undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance and safety. As a result, you can trust that these emergency lights from a reputable brand like Sunco will function reliably when needed.

Affordable and Reliable

Being a USA-based company, Sunco offers new lights at affordable prices without compromising on quality. By choosing Sunco's light fixtures, you invest in reliable led lighting products that meet stringent standards for both performance and safety.


Dual-Head Wall-Mounted Emergency Lights

Installation Tips

Fixture Application

When installing wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights, ensure you follow the provided installation manual for a hassle-free setup. The process is straightforward, making it easy for you to have these lights up and running quickly.

Wiring Options

For different applications, you have two main wiring options available. You can either use a J-box or a conduit for the wiring setup. The choice between these two depends on your specific installation requirements and the layout of your space.

UL Rating Importance

It's crucial to note that these LED exit fixtures come with a UL rating, ensuring they meet safety standards. This rating signifies that the lights have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee their reliability during emergencies.

Availability of Installation Manual

To simplify the setup process, each set of wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights includes an installation manual. This manual provides detailed instructions on how to mount the lights securely and wire them correctly, ensuring optimal functionality.

Closing Thoughts

Incorporating wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights into your space ensures enhanced safety and visibility during unexpected power outages or emergencies. Understanding the key features, detailed specifications, benefits, and installation tips provided can guide you in making an informed decision to safeguard your surroundings effectively.

Take charge of your safety today by investing in these reliable emergency lights. Ensure your peace of mind and readiness for any unforeseen circumstances by installing these practical and efficient lighting solutions. 


Dual-Head Wall-Mounted Emergency Lights


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights?

These lights typically offer dual illumination for better coverage, durable construction for longevity, and battery backup for uninterrupted operation during power outages.

How do the detailed specifications of these lights enhance their performance?

The detailed specifications such as lumens output, battery capacity, and material quality ensure reliable brightness, extended runtime, and sturdy build to meet emergency lighting needs effectively.

What benefits can be derived from using wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights?

By installing these lights, you can ensure improved safety during emergencies, enhanced visibility in dark areas, and peace of mind knowing there is a reliable source of light when needed.

What installation tips should be followed for wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights?

Ensure proper mounting height for optimal coverage, test the lights regularly to confirm functionality, and place them strategically in high-traffic areas for maximum effectiveness during emergencies.

How long does it take to install wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights?

Installation time varies based on factors like wiring complexity and mounting location but typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour per light unit with basic tools and electrical knowledge.

Are these lights suitable for outdoor use as well?

Yes, many wall-mounted double-headed emergency lights are designed to be weatherproof and suitable for outdoor installation, providing reliable illumination in both indoor and outdoor emergency situations.

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